Throne of Glass Review

I know that it’s Friday, but yesterday I was having technical difficulties. Which means my internet is horrible and decided to have a bad day. So here is a review on Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

I’m not going to lie, Throne of Glass was just one of those books I gave a pass on. It came out while I was in college and trying to figure out what exactly it was I wanted to do. Between class and working on the days I didn’t have class, I didn’t really have much time for reading. I have a lot more free time on my hands then I did before somehow and I’ve been catching up on my reading.

I saw someone talking about this book and decided to give it a shot. It also didn’t help that I could get the first book for a good price. At first I read this at a very slow pace, I would only read a couple of chapters a day. There just wasn’t much pulling me through in the beginning. It also didn’t help that I was reading another book at the same time that I was enjoying more.

About half way through is when the story really sucked me in and I read a large majority of the book. In the beginning, Celaena as a character frustrated me. Eventually she is able to even out, and it was probably around the time that the book became interesting.

Love triangles is one of my least favorite things. In this genre, I feel like it is used all the time and it can get old fast. The main romance is Dorian and Celaena vs. Chaol and Celaena becomes very prominent. It is through the men that this happens and even though they both have feelings for it is never really mentioned.

Dorian and Celaena happen in an instant. Dorian has feelings for her or at least an attraction from the moment he saw her, but Celaena is the opposite. She doesn’t think much of him, but that changes like the flip of a switch. Suddenly they are sneaking around and secretly in a relationship.

Meanwhile, Chaol has feelings for her hidden under his surly demeanor. He also is the character who spends the most time with her. I’m not going to lie, I was rooting for Chaol and Celaena. Who were you rooting for Dorian or Chaol?

It is the mystery that really drives this book for me. I wanted to find out why she was having these dreams and what they were trying to tell her. Who was actually on her side? All the while she is competing to be the King’s Champion.

The other contestants start getting murdered and no one can figure out how. Eventually, Celaena finds out that her biggest rival is one of the ones behind it. She manages to defeat him much to the shock of the king.

Sometimes it can get a bit confusing trying to keep track of all the threads in this book. There is magic, fae, romance, kings, assassins, diplomats who might be part of a rebellion, and more. Nevertheless, I am going to be giving the second book a try.

I would give this book a 3.5 out of 5 stars. It had a slow start and I wasn’t that much into the romance. It is really the mystery that drives this book. What did you think of this book?

See you tomorrow with another review.

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